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Sunday Open Draw

Round Robin (13 weeks)

The season starts with Round Robin play so each team gets a chance to play every team at least once.

Weighted Round Robin (4 weeks)

Games will continue with the game results (wins/losses) added to the results from the regular round robin. Teams will find themselves primarily matched up against teams from either the top or the bottom based on how they finished in the round robin.

Playoff Round (4 weeks)

The Sunday Open uses a single elimination tournament format; however, all teams keep playing even after a loss.

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Sunday Open General Rules

Sunday Open Clock Policy

We have 2 hours of contracted time from the Club and we are to be off the ice at the end of those two hours. As such, the clock rule that we use in the League, is that we try to honour our two hour time-commitment on the ice.

Procedurally the skips should discuss amongst themselves how many more ends they will have after the 5th end - whether there is time for 1, 2, or 3 more ends.

Deciding to play 2 or 3 more ends does not guarantee that many ends will be played. If the decision is to play 2 or 3 more, then the teams should continue playing at a proper pace. Going a small amount over time (up to 5 minutes, and ideally already into the skip stones when clock goes off) to complete the final end is ok as long as you are not making a habit of it. No one curls after us on Sunday night so we have more leeway than most Leagues, but officially we do not have permission to go over time.

Default Rule

It is the responsibility of the defaulting team to contact the members of the opposition to let them know they will not be in attendance. The Team Reps have a contact list for all League Members so they can track the opposition down. If a member of the opposition shows up then a default will be registered.

If enough notice is provided (minimum 24 hours by phone, 48 hours by email), then a loss will be given.

It is recommended that the defaulting team buys a pitcher of beer for their opposition when next they play to recognize the value of the ice time lost.

If a team defaults 2 or more times in a season they may not be asked to return the following season.


Spares must be VCC members. Your Team Captain has access to a list of members that have expressed interest in sparing for Sunday Open. Please give as much advanced notice as possible. Ultimately you, and your team, are responsible for making sure that you have enough players for the game.

Tie Breakers for Playoff Seeding

Playoff Rules

VCC Club Championships

The winner of the Sunday Open Playoffs will be offered our spot in the VCC Club Championship. If the Sunday Open is granted an additional spot / or if the winner is not available to play the spot will be awarded based on the final standings in the playoffs.